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michelle sanders
I had a bunion on my right foot and it was uncomfortable and ungly as well Dr.fuzaylov did a wonderful job in removing the bunion that I had. I am happy And would recommend everyone that have a problem to go see him . thanks again Dr. Fuzaylov

Emonica Moye
I forgot to mention the surgery that was performed. On my right foot he corrected my bunion and the fourth and fifth toes which were hammertoes. On my left foot he corrected my bunion, the second toe hammertoe and the fifth toe. Thanks again Dr. Fuzaylov

Emonica Moye
I would like to say a Big Thank You to Dr. Fuzaylov for a beautiful job that he done on both of my feet. I was so anxious prior to the surgery that I forgot to take before and after pictures but let the truty be told my feet were jacked up. I went in for my checkup yesterday and I was amazed. I've had several cosmetic surgeries and I must say that my feet are one of the best surgeries that I've had. The first few days was a little painful but the fourth day was somewhat of a breeze. Thank you again Dr. Fuzaylov and your staff.

Elizabeth B.
It’s a great job not to see any scars from the surgery, while enjoying the new beautiful look of my foot. Thank You Dr. Fuzaylov

Mildred S.
Big thanks to Dr. Fuzaylov for changing my life and giving my foot a big relief. I have no pain. I see no scars.

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