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1. On site surgeries (2016-02-09 12:12:53)

Surgeries can be performed in the office or in the state approved surgical center.

Information and Surgical Options for Toenail Problems

Toenail surgery is employed to alleviate the following types of deformities.
• Ingrowing Toenail
• Incurvated Nail
• Fungus Nail
• Thick Nail (Hypertrophied)
• Injury to a Toenail


2. Haglund`s deformity surgery (2016-02-25 10:43:07)

A Haglund`s deformity, also known as “pump bump” or Bauer bump, is a condition where a bony enlargement formson the back of the heel bone.It is sometimes called “pump bump” as the condition often develops because of the pump-style high heels that many women wear. The rigid backs of the shoes create pressure that irritates the back of the heel, and people who wear shoes that are too tight or stiff in the heel are the most common sufferers of this condition.You may also be more at risk for developingHaglund`s deformity if you have a high foot arch, a tight Achilles tendon, or tend to walk on the outside of your heel.

The Achilles tendon runs over the bump, so patients with a Haglund`s deformity typicallyexperience pain. The first symptoms begin with the enlargement of the bone at the back of the heel where the Achilles tendon attaches. As a rule, the bump is painful, especially when a person wears tight shoes that create rubbing friction on the heel. It becomes swollen or red, and may form a bursa. Bursitis is an inflammation of the fluid-filled sac between the tendon and the bone. When the heel becomes inflamed, calcium can build up in the heel bone. This makes the bump larger and increases your pain.At other times, pain can be caused by degeneration in the Achilles tendon due to the pressure placed there.It is unclear what causes the bone growth in this area, and for some people who have swelling in the heel area, it is not actuallythe bone growing but the Achilles or structures around it swelling.